From Rimini to Riccione in 23 minutes

Metromare is the new bus line of the Riviera, and runs with ecological vehicles on a reserved lane, parallel to the railway line.
Inaugurated in November 2019, it is not yet very well established as a means of local transport due to the pandemic that immediately limited its use, but it represents an excellent local transport system, an alternative to the ordinary buses.

The Metromare runs every 15 minutes and connects the railway stations of Rimini and Riccione (and vice versa) in about 23 minutes, making 15 intermediate stops. Much faster than the ordinary bus which takes about 35/40 minutes, traffic permitting.

Since 2022 the Metromare buses have been replaced by new ExquiCity vehicles which are full electric. Thanks to the electric propulsion, the line has become even greener!

It's convenient because:

  • it is always punctual because traveling on its own lane it is not affected by traffic.
  • You don’t have to worry about parking problems and its costs.
  • You can buy the ticket on board, or via the App where it is more convenient.
  • It has the same price of a bus
  • It has free wi-fi on board

It's inconvenient because:

  • Some stops are more distant from the sea line and there’s some walking to do.
  • It doesn’t run all night long, even during the summer (at least until 2021) so night owls between Rimini and Riccione can’t rely on it
  • Rates depend on city limts, so if you exit Rimini and get in Riccione, you have to pay the highest rate (2,10€) even if you travel for just one short stop.

Everything about Metromare


The service is active every day with a run every 15 minutes.

From Rimini: first route at 6:36 and 7.04, last route at 2.04
From Riccione: first route at 6:30 and 7.10, last route at 2:10

The Apps

The Apps on which to buy tickets at the most advantageous price are:

The prices

For travels between:
Rimini Station and Miramare Airport

Ticket: € 1.50
On board: € 2.00
From the App: € 1.30

For travels between:
Riccione Station and Miramare Station

Ticket: € 1.30
On board: € 2.00
From the App: € 1.30

For travels on the whole line
from Rimini Station to Riccione Station

Ticket: € 2.10
On board: € 3.00
From the App: € 2.10

Subscriptions and Vouchers

There is the possibility to buy vouchers for groups of at least 11 people.

The 10-journey booklet offers a discount on the ordinary ticket and can also be used by several people at the same time, up to a maximum of 7 (1 validation per passenger).

Romagna Smart Pass: 3 days at a cost of € 11.00.

Smart Pass: 7 days at a cost of € 22.00.

Contacts and Information

It is always possible to request information via the dedicated InfoStart number 199.115577, the specific forms on the Start Romagna website or through Start’s social channels:

WhatsApp: 331.6566555
Facebook: Start Romagna
Telegram: Start Romagna – Rimini