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The Carnaby Club one of the hottest Club in Rimini.

First opened in 1968, today it has become part of the DNA of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Carnaby is well-known for being a meeting point, a place where people are always the key players. Music never gets too loud but it is only the framework of the craziest summer nights. Once you enter the club you’ll get immediately involved by the magical atmosphere thanks to the 3 rooms with different genres: reggaeton and R&B, house/commercial music and on the smoking floor are played the best 70’/80’90’/00′ hits.



Altromondo means “other world” and this name hasn’t been chosen at random. Entering this place is like taking a futuristic trip: you’ll get aboard on a real EDM space shuttle that will make you dance at the “speed of light”. Here you’ll find dancers going wild in the elevated tunnels, 2 private rooms with different music genres and a massive main room. During some events, you can literally dive in the foam party or see the amazing laser light show.



Strolling on the Rimini promenade, in the hearth of Bellariva, you won’t certainly miss the Life Club, another historical club renowned for its themed parties such as the foam or neon party. Life Club is a good place to go even for those who don’t like clubbing particularly. On the first floor, there’s a lively bar with chill music and sitting tables where you can relax, enjoy your drink and have a good chat but, if you go downstairs, you get into the core of the party and there is where you can “shake it” all night long.



Going to the “Baia” is like being in a real sanctuary. At the entrance, the big Neptune statue will welcome you. Inside you’ll find 4 rooms showily decorated with red cloths, colonnades, braziers and emperor’s bronzes in perfect ancient roman style. Everything is enriched by the breathtaking panorama that you can admire from its garden, situated on the top of the beautiful sea-view promontory of Gabicce.



The Villa delle Rose Club is known as the glamourous club of excellence of the Romagna nights. Put on your best clothes and enter in this real villa surrounded by the green hills of Misano, where the music is finely selected and its scenographies are some of the most spectacular. This club has become “home” of some DJs like Tommy Vee or the vocalist Tanya Monies. Once a week this club transforms completely itself and hosts “La Vida Loca”, the party not to be missed for Latin and reggaeton lovers.



Peter is situated on the “club hill” of Riccione and is definitely one of the most loved in this area. It’s a place of worship and, as suggested by the name (an abbreviation of Peter Pan), a place where it feels like time stands still and where getting old is forbidden. During winter (and rainy nights) people dance in a majestic main room adorned with drapes and mirrors. During summer you can loose yourself in the beautiful garden where also the dancers seem eccentric. Entertainments are extra engaging but are only the background of these foolish nights when going to sleep before dawn becomes a sin.

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