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Shopping in the streets of Rimini's city center

Fashion is an instant language: what we wear immediately says something about us. Large distributions’ fast-fashion is homologating the whole alphabet and it is easy for the so-called shopaholics to find themselves wearing the same clothes as the person next to them.
How to stand out and rediscover your uniqueness? Shopping in small businesses, in those wonderful neighborhood shops whose windows are set up with items selected for their quality and uniqueness.
In this article, we’ll list some interesting little places located in the historic center of Rimini!

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
– Tammy Faye Bakker

Boutiques and shops in the center of Rimini for those who want to stand out


Olivia’s girls started their business in a small shop and recently moved to a larger one, reflecting the success of their work (not to mention that they have also opened a shop in Santarcangelo too!). Yes, because it is impossible to resist Olivia’s elegant and bon ton apparel, you would like them all to be in your closet! You can find knitwear, dresses, trousers, shoes and accessories.
If Olivia’s style wins you over, you won’t have to give it up if you’re not from Rimini, because they also have an e-commerce!

Where: Via Tempio Malatestiano 2a
Website: Olivia Rimini

Olivia - Boutiques and clothing stores in Rimini - Rimini Live
Photo Credit: Olivia


Viclaro started as a market stall. It is now a medium-sized shop, very tidy, offering a large assortment of clothing and accessories at pretty good prices.

Where: Via Mentana 5/7
Website: Viclaro

Photo credit: Viclaro


“For the woman who loves elegance and style, and is inspired by a friendly and cordial atmosphere, from woman to woman.” This is how Cristina describes her shop and in that “woman to woman” there is all that complicity that she knows how to create with her customers. Whether you are looking for something elegant for a special occasion or something stylish for your free time, you will always find trendy pieces here.

Where: Via Soardi 37
Website: Merci

Merci - Boutiques and clothing stores in Rimini - Rimini Live


The strong point of Vademecum are the Effek bikinis – which everyone seems to be crazy about – and the MiaBag customizable bags. However, this little shop is a treasure chest full of “goodies” also in the clothing section, for both women and men. Vademecum also sells online via Instagram and Whatsapp and it seems that shipments are very fast.

Where: Via Soardi 22
Website: Vademecum

Photo credit: Vademecum

La Gruccia

Giada, the nice owner of La Gruccia, is very dedicated to the care of her shop. She fits perfectly in this selection of boutiques, because her mission is precisely to look for particular items to offer to her customers so that they can always stand out. In fact, it is not difficult to find exclusive articles that cannot be found elsewhere.
Giada sells online through her e-commerce, but also via Instagram and Whatsapp.

Where: Via Soardi 19
Website: La Gruccia

La Gruccia - Boutiques and clothing stores in Rimini - Rimini Live
Photo Credit: La Gruccia